Interested in being an Officer?

Are you thinking about running to be an officer in SWE next year? I am sure you all have loads of questions about the election process, officer responsibilities etc.
If you are interested in running for a position- email Shwetha with your name, classification, major, desired officer position and a short paragraph about why you want to be a SWE officer and how can you contribute (this is your vote-for-me pitch) She can also provide more details on officer responsibilities.
As of now here are the positions available:
1 President
2 Vice President
3 Secretary
4 Treasurer
5 Membership Chair
6 Fundraising Chair
7 Public Relations
8 Webmaster
Also, spread the word! If you think someone would be interested – Let them know!

One thought on “Interested in being an Officer?

  1. hi.. am interested in taking part in the SWE chapter at UTD. Kindly give me further info as to what I should do.

    thank you,

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