For Starters…

Wow!! Thanks for such an AMAZING response! SWE is growing faster than expected, so we’re going to make it a great year for you. Stay tuned for updates and important meetings!! For example (for real), these 3 items:

1.     To start the year off right, Texas Instruments (TI) is going to be at our next meeting, on Weds, 17th September, in ECSS 2.311

They want to provide you with:

  • Details about the opportunities TI has to offer
  • Resume tips (bring yours!)
  • How to prepare for the Intern and Career Fairs (see below!)
  • Other cool stuff

2.     There’s an Intern Fair the following Friday, 19th September.

3.     Then, there’s a Career Fair the next week (Friday, 26th September). How could we be any better for you? 😀

Participating in Internship and Career Fairs, doing internships, and actively seeking out employment is the key to successfully landing that job upon graduation. So, take TI’s tips from our meeting this Wednesday, get your resume polished up, and practice with some friends before getting to the Intern and Career Fairs. These tips will give you the advantage recruiters are looking for! These companies are looking for active students in Engineering and CS majors, just like you.

See you there!

— Your SWE Team


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