AT&T at our meeting!! Plus: other info!

Hi Engineers!!


…will be sponsored by none other than AT&T, who is holding amock interview session at 8pm, October 15th, in ECSS 2.311. They’ll help you answer questions the right way!! This meeting is for you if:

  • You’ve ever ever gotten nervous about an upcoming interview (who hasn’t??)
  • You’ve never had an interview
  • You have had an interview, but want to polish up your interview skills
  • You’re about to graduate, and/or are on the market for an internship, job or career

Bring your resume so you have something to talk about! You can get resume help at SSB 3.300. Take the time to polish it up to make the mock interview session more realistic and effective. More info here.


SCHOLARSHIPS. The deadline for scholarships applications has been extended like your favorite sale. Apply here with one common application. If you get your application in by October 15th, there’s a great chance it will get approved– little birdie tells us there’s a whole bunch of unclaimed money as of yet. And we want all ECS students to have money for food (you can’t survive on our free pizza every other week…), so get a scholarship!


Engineer’s Week is coming!!! Keep your eyes open for flyers and updates. It’s going to be amazing and you don’t want to miss out!!




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