Volunteers Needed! (Important info at bottom of post ;))

Hey Engineers!!

Welcome back from SUMMER!!! We were super excited to see you all at the Comet Carnival last week. So many new faces means a lot more activities and involvement this semester. If you’d like to get involved, we are looking for volunteers for the Intern Fair next Friday, September 11th. You don’t need experience, and no, this isn’t an internship for you, but a one off volunteering opportunity for you to help out your local SWE chapter and a great way to help women to become engineers in a very real way! We appreciate all kinds of help! If you’re interested, send us an email at sweutd@gmail.com

Volunteer at:                          Intern Fair

Volunteer when:                    Friday, Sep. 11th

Volunteer how: Email us at   sweutd@gmail.com

Thanks volunteers!! Looking forward to seeing you. Intern applicants: dress sharp. You got this!!



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