Upcoming Events

We hope everyone has had a productive start to the Spring semester! We’d like to invite everyone to come to our first general meeting of the semester next Tuesday, February 7, from 7pm to 9pm in the Osborne Conference Room (ECSS 3.503). We will be introducing our new officers, giving other announcements, and serving tasty ice cream!



2 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. I thought you may be interested in looking at Chemical Engineer and author, Laura Starks as a speaker for one of your upcoming events within the Society of Women Engineers at UTD.

    The links listed below provide reviews of Laura Starks and her book, 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY.


    Chemical Engineer & Author: L.A. Starks
    Website: http://lastarksbooks.com/

    Discussion points with your audience:

    The following are four possible discussion points that we tailor to an audience…….

    1) Plant Safety: Before Macondo, BP experienced the Texas City refinery explosion. The refinery manager was Laura’s original mentor years before at the Whiting, Indiana refinery. Safety is an easy topic to address from the perspective of her experience both at the refinery and working for a consulting engineering firm, to what’s real in the book, to how does an event like Macondo happen?

    2) Why oil supply/ demand isn’t as simple as it seems.

    3) Laura can always talk about the engineering-media interface; what they share, what they don’t. There are some surprising similarities, but both have quite a bit to learn from each other.

    4) Black Swan is from Nassim Taleb’s book of the same name. In particular, a black swan is defined as “seemingly or improbably unforeseeable event with dramatic consequences.” Laura can address black swan events in real-life oil and gas operations and compare them to the treatment of thriller writing and action media (movies & games). While Macondo is an unavoidable reference, there are many others. Laura can talk about how she used black swan realism in one of her own oil & gas models and in writing, notably 13 DAYS: THE PYTHAGORAS CONSPIRACY, the Gumbo File’ short story with a hint or two about the book she is currently writing.

    When time permits, let me know your thoughts and of course I’d be happy to drop a copy of 13 DAYS in the mail to you.

    Diane Feffer
    marketing consulting LLC
    make connections that pay off

    spearhead cross promotions
    drive traffic
    generate book publicity
    secure speaking engagements


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