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To become an official member of the Society of Women Engineers, you can visit, then select “New Customer? Click here” to create an account and get started. Be sure to choose UT Dallas when selecting the collegiate chapter. Dues are $20 annually OR $50 for the C2C Membership, which covers your entire collegiate career + 1 professional year!

Membership Types, Benefits, & Discounts


SWE offers many opportunities for gaining contacts with large and small companies. A network of contacts in different companies is the best way to find a job and to meet new and interesting people.


Whether we’re helping young girls get interested in engineering, volunteering, attending a meeting or planning our next event, relaxing with friends is always fun.

Professional Development

You can add to your business knowledge with topics such as how to build and organize a resume, how to act and dress on an interview, and how to work a career fair to your advantage.


As engineers, women can feel isolated in in classes at times. SWE gives women a feeling of belonging and a group of friends to help along the way.

Building Skills for your Career

There are always opportunities to plan events, meetings and other gatherings. Being active in a professional organization shows your initiative and responsibility and can provide the leadership skills you will need in the future.

Have questions about joining SWE? Let us know in the comments section below and we will get back with you!


5 thoughts on “Join

  1. I am a freshman electrical engineer, and I would like to become more involved and join UT Dallas’ branch of SWE. I already went to and made a membership; what else do I need to do? When is the next meeting I can attend? Thank you so much!

    -Roxanne Lee

  2. Hello, I am a male freshman majoring in computer science. Does that disqualify me from joining SWE? Also, when I clicked on your link to my browser said that the security certificate had expired. Is there any way I could maybe visit a meeting or something like that and maybe join there if I like it? Thanks.

    • Hey Robert – You can certainly join SWE! It’s a great network and we welcome everyone. We have meetings once every two weeks during the school year. There will be signs posted around the building and on the main webpage of the site. Check back for more details. See you soon!

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